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Uhm, I seemed to forget where to locate the Exchange NPC.

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  • Uhm, I seemed to forget where to locate the Exchange NPC.

    Can someone help me?

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    NPC? You can exchange below "Event Interface" Top-right of your screen, left of Bulletings and Rankings.
    Shouldnt be that hard to find.. below Friends?
    Lunaria Story [S2] - Adotia Isles

    Level : 68~
    Guild : Unholy
    - Leader
    Beast Level : 5

    Star Palace Floor beaten : 199
    Current Activated Prestige : 1 Million
    Might : 270k+
    Partner : Sharazade

    Guide :


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      Originally posted by dawn1432 View Post
      Can someone help me?
      Susanna is one of the change NPCs that will change rate pills to their components (lower level pills, magic fragments and star spirit)
      She is quite useful if you are low on star spirit, and someone is opening a guild chamber soon. She can be Alcedonia, under the Tree with Flying Squirrel Eggs. You may see her when doing an Escort Quest just before u reach the Healing Angel (Final Destination of Escort). Otherwise the exchange button as Swyli said can be found under the mini-map in the top right corner of your screen. If you can't find it post a screenshot to identify the problem.

      The following can all be found in the Exchange button in two tabs:


      -Equipment exchange for costumes and purple equipment synthesising materials.
      -Astrology exchange for making astrology pills used for unlocking next astrology realms
      -Pet Exchange for creating higher level materials required for purchasing pet talent skills, find out more in character section and click on the prestige tab/button.


      -Warrior Points, used for exchanging for orange equipments and orange equipment synthesis materials, purifcation stones can be found here and spirit of dragon (level 60-70 synthesis materials)
      -Battle Points, used to exchange for useful items, including, star feathers, magic fragments, ressurection stones, magic scroll and others.
      -Guild Acheivements, obtained from victory in Guild Battle on Saturday at 21:00-22:00. can get up to 99 Level 1 gems of one type a day.
      -Ladder Point, points for getting rare items, such as balloon morph, orange equipment - dragon set (not as good as manadance)


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        Thanks, I'm a little bit of a retard in finding things. Hahahaha! Sorry for the inconvenience.


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          Happens to everyone