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    A traditional italian dish is spaghetti …? Bolognese
    According to a proverb, what does a watched pot never do? Boil
    According to the Bible, which of these is not an archangel? Ishmael
    According to the old adage, how many lives does a cat have? Nine
    According to the proverb, what ‘keeps the doctor away’?Apple a day
    According to the saying, ‘there’s no such thing as a free …’? Lunch
    An old person is sometimes described as ‘long in the …’? Tooth
    At which fictional school is the musical ‘Grease’ set? Rydell High
    A ‘cuppa’ is an informal slang term for what? Cup of Tea
    A metric tonne consists of 1000 of what? Kilograms
    A particular hazard for motorists is ‘black …’? Ice
    A plumb line is used for making sure something is what? Vertical
    A particular hazard for motorists is black…?Ice
    By what abbreviation is a compact disc commonly known? CD
    By what name is sodium carbonate commonly known? Washing soda
    Complete the name of the famous country singer, ‘Shania …’ Twain
    El Alamein is in which country? Egypt
    From 1954 to 1976, what was the capital of North VietnamC:Hanoi
    For what does the banking abbreviation A/C stand? Account
    Germania was the Roman name for which modern-day European country? Germany
    How is a play on words commonly described?Pun
    If you drive your car five kilimeters, you will traveled how many miles ?3.1miles
    If something is ‘a dime a dozen’, what is it? Common
    In economics, what does the ‘D’ stand for in the abbreviation GDP? Domestic
    In music, which symbols indicate relative loudness?Dynamics
    In painting, which of these is not a secondary colour?Red
    In the nursery rhyme, who met a pieman?Simple Simon
    In the rhyme, what did the sparrow kill **** Robin with? Bow & arrow
    In the world video games, who has a brother called Luigi? Mario
    In UK, VAT stands for value-added …? Tax
    In what movie does the Minnie Cooper shine? The Italian Job
    In which classic film did the Mini Cooper steal the show? The Italian Job
    In which of the following might food be stored? Larder
    In which of these areas is the children’s soap “Grange Hill” set? East London
    In which pantomime is Buttons a main character? Cinderella
    In which sea do the Cyclades Islands lie? Aegean
    In which sport does red weight 25 kg and yellow weigh 15 kg? Weightlifting
    In which sport might you legally use a hand-off on an opponent? Rugby
    Into which ocean does the US resort Cape Cod extend? Atlantic
    In baseball, what is the term for the player slated to bat right after the on-deck hitter?In the hole
    Lennox Lewis is a famous figure in which sport? Boxing
    London in the 1969s was described as what? Swinging
    Of which of the following does a bivalve possess two? Two Shells
    On which of these might you win a large amount of money?National Lottery
    On which river is the world’s largest movable flood barrier? Thames
    Originating in Italy, what type of food is mortadella? Sausage
    Put your seat backs and tray tables into their full upright and locked possition is usually heard where ?Airplane
    Robbie Williams was once a member of which of these? Take That
    Someone capable, is said to have a safe pair of …?Hands
    Something mediocre can be described as ‘no great …’? Shakes
    Shortly after WWII, a famous war crimes tribunal was held where ?Nuremberg
    The bird of paradise is native to which of these islands? New Guinea
    The body of an adult insect is divided into how many parts? Three
    The former punk singer John Lydon was also known as Johnny …? Rotten
    The main character in the 2000 movie “Gladiator” fights what animal in the arena? Tiger
    The Nativity is the story of whose birth? Jesus Christ
    The star sign of Aquarius is also known as what? The Water-carrier
    The west country is famous for what alcoholic drink? Cider
    What landmark islocated on England’s Salibury Plain?Stonehenge
    What animal’s name means ‘ river horse in Greek ?Hippopotamus
    What geometric figure is also a musical instrument ?Triangle
    What part of a goose or duck is fattened to produce ” foie gras ” ?Liver
    What are said to be ‘down’ when things are not going well? Chips
    What are you said to break, when you make friends with a stranger? The ice
    What are you said to do to a habit when you break it? Kick it
    What call is customarily givem immediately before a fencing match begins?En gard
    What do Americans call what we call sweets? Candy
    What do you proverbially ‘make’ at someone if you flirt with them? Eyes
    What does a hedgehog normally do when alarmed? Roll into a ball
    What does the ‘T’ stand for in the abbreviation TUC? Trades
    What does the abbreviation ‘BTW’ mean when used in an email? By The Way
    What color is the rose in the title of a 1985 Woody Allen Film?Purple
    What colour light indicates the port side of a ship? Red
    What did the legendary Trojan horse contain? Soldiers
    What is another name for a stagehand? Grip
    What is the pop singer Beyoncé’s surname? knowles
    What is celebrated in Wales on 1st March? St. David’s Day
    What is French for ‘king’? Roi
    What is hung over a horse’s head for feeding? Nosebag
    What is the meaning of the colloquial expressio ‘in the bag’? Almost certain
    What might an electrician lay? Cables
    What name is given to a heay metal-headed, spiked club? Mace
    What name is given to a mound or ridge of blown sand? Dune
    What name is given to a playing card with a single symbol on it? Ace
    What nationality is the film star Sean Connery? Scottish
    What shape is an Australian Rules footbal pitch? Oval
    What soft drink is added to vodka to make a Bloody Mary cocktail? Tomato Juice
    What term is used in snooker when the white ball is potted? Foul
    What type of steroids have a protein-building effect? Anabolic
    What was the name of the two NASA missions sent to Mars in 1975? Viking
    What would a tattie picker harvest? Potatoes
    What would you expect to see at the London Aquarium? Fish
    What would you put in a cruet? Condiments
    When an actr is said to chew up the scenery, what is he doing?Overacting
    When written in lowercase, Which of these letters in the English Alphabet has a dot on top?J
    Where are you most likely to see a ‘matron of honour’? Wedding
    Which activity would you most associate with a mole? Burrowing
    Which board game is known as ‘checkers’ in the USA? Draughts
    Which can be a breed of rabbit, goat or cat? Angora
    Which car manufacturer makes the A3, A4 and A6 models?Audi
    Which country is not an island? Germany
    Which country is not crossed by the arctic circle? Greece
    Which country shares a land border with the UK? Ireland
    Which creatures are traditionally kept in an aviary?Birds
    Which dinosaur could fly? Pterodactyl
    Which element has the chemical symbol Co?Cobalt
    Which french city stands on the river Meurthe? Nancy
    Which human teeth are also known as eye teeth? Canines
    Which Irish rock band shares it’s name with an American spy plane? U2
    Which law states that if anything can go wrong, it will?Murphy’s Law
    Which is not a classification of star?Green goblin
    Which is a chain of International hotels? Four Seasons
    Which is a material used in making roads? Macadam
    Which is a mexican stuffed, fried pancake? Taco
    Which is a seabird with a deeply forked tail? Frigate bird
    Which is a South American capital city? Cayenne
    Which is a tough durable synthetic material? PVC
    Which is a type of wading bird? Oystercatcher
    Which is a US-made soap opera? Dawson’s Creek
    Which is an alternative name for members of the Society of Friends? Quakers
    Which is an alternative name for peanut? Groundnut
    Which is an extinct bird that originated in New Zealand?Moa
    Which is another name for a short melodious tune?Air
    Which Island is known as Kriti in its own language? Crete
    Which ‘Man’ was Robinson Crusoe’s companion on his desert island?Friday
    Which metal lends its name to a US five-cent coin ?Nickel
    Which 1969 film won the Best Picture Oscar? Midnight Cowboy.
    Which organ does adrenal refer to?Kidney
    Which part of the body do bronchial infections mainly attack?Lungs
    Which patron saint’s day falls on 23rd April? St George
    Which place is not associated with a type of cake?Middlesbrough
    Which river rises in the Black forest and flows into the Black Sea?Danube
    Which star’s name is an anagram of a European country? Meg Ryan
    Which was a 14th century British battle? Chevy Chase
    Which was a battle in the American War of Independence? Bunker Hill
    Which was a famous group of high-kicking stage girls? Tiller Girls
    Which was the so-called “New World” at the time of its exploration?America
    Which of These animals does not represent a sign of the zodiac Donkey
    Which of these is the US name for the french card game vingt-et-un ?Redjack
    Which of these is an ice cream dessert?Sundae
    Which of these shold be stored in a humidorCigars
    Which of the following is a Chinese snack of hot dumplings? Dim Sum
    Which of the following is a small sausage? Chipolata
    Which of the following is not a geological period? Boracic
    Which of the following would most commonly wear a sou’westerSailor
    Which of these builds a domed nest?Ovenbird
    Which of these countries lies west of the UK? Mexico
    Which of these describes the rich and famous? Glitterati
    Which of these deserts is in the USA? Mojave Desert
    Which of these did Old King Cole not call for? A curry
    Which of these diseases is not covered by the MMR vaccine? Rabies
    Which of these does Colin Farell play in the title of a 2002 film? The Recruit
    Which of these first came out on the market in 1937? Old Spice
    Which of these fish is related to the carp? Barbel
    Which of these fish is related to the herring? Alewife
    Which of these gambling games requires a pair of dice ?Craps
    Which of these is a carniverous plant? Venus flytrap
    Which of these is a colloquial term for a newspaper? Rag
    Which of these is a dessert of hot meringue and cold ice cream? Baked Alaska
    Which of these is a device often used in a seance? Ouija board
    Which of these is a fashionable district of London? Belgravia
    Which of these is a large woodwind instrument? Bassoon
    Which of these is a popular form of music?Country & Western
    Which of these is a popular garden flower?Carnation
    Which of these is a scotish district council? Inverclyde
    Which of these is a species of camel? Bactrian
    Which of these is a spicy Indian dish? Biriani
    Which of these is a term for a typically average man? Joe Bloggs
    Which of these is a term meaning a match in bridge? Rubber
    Which of these is a theory about the creation of the universe? Big Bang
    Which of these is a three-stringed musical instrument? Balalaika
    Which of these is a tool for smoothing and shaping wood? Plane
    Which of these is a tool used for making holes for seeds or plants?Dibber
    Which of these is a type of beer? Bitter
    Which of these is a type of Camel?Bactrian
    Which of these is a type of drum?Snare
    Which of these is a weight category in professional boxing?Welterweight
    Which of these is an ice cream dessert? Sundae
    Which of these is an international motoring insurance?Green Card
    Which of these is located at the back of your throat?Adenoid
    Which of these is not a European river? Missouri
    Which of these is not a modal of a car made by Ford? Malaga
    Which of these is not a type of paint used in decorating?Damask
    Which of these is often used to make floor mats? Rush
    Which of these is slang for a mean person? Cheapskate
    Which of these is the US name for the French card game vingt-et-un? Blackjack
    Which of these is true of filo pastry? Very thin
    Which of these is used for measuring electrical current? Ammeter
    Which of these kills it’s victims by constriction? Anaconda
    Which of these lends its name to a US five-cent coin?Nickel
    Which of these means adequate space for moving in?Elbow Room
    Which of these might be sprinkeled on a rice pudding? Cinnamon
    Which of these might be used in under water naval operations? Frogmen
    Which of these oceans is the smallest? Arctic
    Which of these prisons shares its name with a national park?Dartmoor
    Which of these should be stored in a humidor? Cigars
    Which of these types of beer is normally the lightest in colour?Lager
    Which of these was a feature of classical Greek drama? Chorus
    Which of these would a film actor like to receive? Oscar
    Which of these would be most use if you wanted to play poker? Pack of cards
    Who became the leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization in 1968? Yasir Arafat
    Who coined the phrase ‘ Oedipus complex ‘ ?Sigmund Freud
    Who gave their name to a continent? Amerigo Vespucci
    Who has the authority to change a ball during a football match? The referee
    Who was Brad Pitt’s partner in the 1995 film Se7en? Morgan Freeman
    Who was not a Roman emperor? Parallax
    With what is the word QWERTY associated? Computer keyboard
    With which French region is a certain type of quiche associated?Lorraine
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    To big of Font Real what trying get cross?


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      Yo you are using WAY TI MUCH space >_<!!!!!
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        this is all the answers for the quiz event, thanks. but u dont have to use too large fonts.


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          Check my sig i have alot of answers there near 100
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            i did it so when u zoom it out, its still readable try it,

            saves time when u look at it while zoomed-out ;P
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              You can find a list of answers on my website in my signature as well.
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