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Known Scammers on Lunaria Story servers. Please be aware.

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    Originally posted by xxWhiteOutxx View Post
    the screenshots i took says, around 7pm, 15/11/14, (GMT + 11)
    Thank you! Sorry it took so long to reply back. We are working on getting all the scammers banned. Every time we get one, they change servers.


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      I hate scammers
      s(2) Adotia Isles
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        Originally posted by Robyee View Post
        It seems I made a mistake posting this in here rather than in support ticket. I didn't ask for this drama.
        Robyee posting here was fine. Please help keep us informed about scammers. I'm certain that we can tell who is being serious and who is being funny in the screen shots. Happy playing!!


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          Originally posted by Mentor_Blackitty View Post
          Thank you! Sorry it took so long to reply back. We are working on getting all the scammers banned. Every time we get one, they change servers.
          it's all good Ty for that. Problem is, the guy is logging in on mine (WhiteOut) and using it to tell everyone that i actually got his 1k gold, reason is he activated his email on my r2 acc so everytime I change pass there, he gets a notifcation on his yahoo.
 - his email and I want to unbind/deactivate this

          and lol I don't speak whatever language he was using on darkninja's screen shot
          Last edited by xxWhiteOutxx; 11-15-2014, 11:56 PM. Reason: missing info


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            Click image for larger version

Name:	fake_mentor.png
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Size:	758.5 KB
ID:	1701555

            LOL This guy has the lames excuse ever. Really, virus? He could do better. Besides he didn't even knew the way R2 treats us. Well, was fun seeing the whole server raging at him because everyone knew it was fake lol.

            This happened at S10 - Dragon Keep around 12:30
            Server 10/40
            rushing to Lv100


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              Thank you for letting us know. Shouldn't bother you anymore!!!!


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                rofl customer service for this game are scammers , telling me I spent 45 gold when im vip3 in 1st day with costume perma and lot just to con me out of what I won in lottery tickets for consume gold event last week
                MajorChaos .........S84



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                  Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot (229).png
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ID:	1711230 booom


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                    pfft this is why i reject strangers LOL
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                      We need u online in S124 Mentor. We have many problem because 1 hacker here. And i have something to ask. TY so much

                      IGN: Rekkle S124


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                        Server S1
                        IGN:Yuichi 54 [S76]

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	scammer.jpg
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Size:	494.1 KB
ID:	1723136

                        There's also another one that contacted me, but i was unable to get the screenshot because of internet explorer crashed.

                        IGN: ShekoOo [S19]
                        CHARACTER: Robyee (VIP 3)
                        SERVER: [S11] Angel's Den
                        GUILD NAME:
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                          This game is a big scam to swallow our money with no serious updates but many bugs.