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10 gold eaten up by game

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  • 10 gold eaten up by game

    the game has been bloody lag recently,and because of that the labyrinth didnt update the card turn count properly,causing me to think that there was one more free turn,but it ended up eating up 10 ***** gold from me!I didnt intend to pay 10 gold to turn that freaking card if i knew!cant i get back the gold i dont intend to spend?if it werent so lag i wouldnt have clicked ok.
    to add,i dont always use up all the free turns,i dont see the game giving me gold for not turning,this click was a mistake due to lag,why must the gold be eaten?
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    D: That really sucks...but there is no way to get back that lost gold. However, you can set up a secondary lock, and everytime you spend gold it'll ask if you want to first, so that something like that won't happen again by accident.
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