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why horrible luck with lotto tickets eh?

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  • why horrible luck with lotto tickets eh?

    i just joined and i find the luck system in game is atrocious. i would SUGGEST people that PAY for VIP status be TREATED like VIP, actually GET manadance set instead of trying to pull from lottery tickets and only getting 1 piece out of 10+ tickets. i understand the warrior duel system, but it would take a half a year for someone like me who just vip'd and started on the latest server that's been merged with 26 (which means not even breaking 300+ WD points at any given event) should just make Manadance set (THE WHOLE THING) easier to get, like vip 2 helm. you can't tell me that wouldnt have more people recharge >_> and make it easier for people who don't recharge to get as well, instead of your **** lotto tickets. the luck system can just be for everything else in game, but get rid of lotto tickets for real they're just a waste of space in the shop. there's an idea. put manadance in shop!!
    (this is mainly for the mentors to pass along to the superiors).

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    i'm actually quitting because the game's luck system sux the biggest balls on the planet -_- i'd rather pay VIP status and actually get legendary stuff than **** luck shet like on LS goodbye and have fun on a ****** ******* ******** browser game where there's no skill required, only cash


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      hmmm been unlucky alot and yet i didnt quit...:P
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