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It allowed piloting?

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  • It allowed piloting?

    Prejudice I wanted to bring to your view a video.
    I will not comment on do it yourself, and good vision immage chat

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    Click image for larger version

Name:	Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 22.00.35.png
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    Yep your right, piloting isnt allowed.


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      i can make it hahahahah


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        i no want write i can make pilot... i want write i can make whit pait her message and after
        1-no write lunaria or other -.-
        2-Some say that it's me (yes im dario XD)
        3-25 december 2015 are new this message
        4-Who gave you permission to publish my info?


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          Well its what you said, that nina was using your account, r2.
          oh and this lovely world chat screenshot of s123 aswellClick image for larger version

Name:	Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 22.37.47.png
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          Oh And Dariuz, Karma! dont try and post and accuse, you should get all the facts before you jump on the piloting bandwagon
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            i want attend R2 mentor or boss idk name. your screen it does not mean anything


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              you wrote that you were driven no I


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                Account sharing

                Can I share my account with someone?

                Sharing or piloting is not encouraged and is against our Terms of Service. Piloting can be dangerous because an account has its purchase history under the "My Orders" tab and many players decide to link their financial information, leaving their credit card open to unauthorized purchases.

                What could happen if I share my account?

                Piloting can also result in unwanted deletion of items or changing of a character by the "piloter". Personal quarrels can arise, which may result in them deleting the entire inventory, unauthorized recharges, and/or completing an event that the owner is unaware of are common problems. This could mean that the "piloted" account isn't being handled in the manner the owner wishes.

                What will R2Games do if I share my account?

                As we don't actively seek account sharers, it is up to you to keep your information confidential. We may temporarily or permanently ban an account if we find conclusive evidence of sharing, but generally account piloters are not sought out. This will mean that assistance will be minimal should the safety of an account be breached by sharing sensitive information.
                If account sharing needs to be reported, this is the appropriate place to do so: