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What happened to my wings after i recharged?

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  • What happened to my wings after i recharged?


    I recharged 500 golds for the first time.
    so i redeem the wings, but when i try to equip it, it says i dont have the wings and i should recharge first time.
    this is frustrating, please help.


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    So you have your wings, but it's not letting you equip them? Do wings require a certain level to equip them, and are you past that level?

    If it's not a level thing, and no one else has any insight into why you aren't able to equip them, send in a screenshot showing the message you are getting when you try to equip the wings to and ask for help with equipping them.
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      No, wings do not require a specific level to equip them. It's probably a glitch then since it's saying that you do not have the wings from the first time recharging pack.
      You should probably send a ticket like what MemoryLane said.
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