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System Error on Login?

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  • System Error on Login?

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ID:	1919512MemoryLane MemoryLane2 can you report this?
    Users having problems logging in
    Last edited by Magic; 07-13-2017, 03:13 PM.

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      its like R2 doesnt care.. i have spent enough.. no more.. R2 has lost another loyal player.. no answer in days either


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        As far as i know, its been fixed, its working now!


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          Sorry, Magic, your post times were during my working hours, and I am on a stretch of no days off for a while, so I'm a little more unreachable than usual, but I wanted to let you know I saw your thread. The logs show the issue was fixed right before your last post. It was a site wide issue, so it was reported by one of the other mods.

          Just an fyi, the Mem2 account is set up to not receive notifications of any kind as it's just the one I use for news threads R2 asks me to post. I will post a list of mods in the game discussion sections of every game soon, so you guys can find an online mod to flag for emergencies.
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            That's fantastic, i appreciate what time you have online, many thanks again for your response