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Cut off from game totally,***??

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  • Cut off from game totally,***??

    My firefox just crashed,dont know why.I logged in facebook tru google chrome and entered the game,was ok initially.Then i tried entering direct by the homesite but it couldnt load.Then i tried entering by facebook again and it bloody said refuse to connect!I tried internet explorer and it outrightly said page cant be displayed.*** is going on???
    Can i change my facebook log in for a normal username pw log in?I'm considering closing my facebook after really horrible experience.

    I've another complaint:I tried posting this message once,but used edit to correct a word.Then i clicked save and it stalled,so i reloaded page.Then the whole message disappeared.Kindly fix this instead of letting people waste their time typing and losing the whole message
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    Seems you posted your comment as a reply to an irrelevant thread. You can always find your posts by visiting your profile, under the About tab, by selecting Find All Posts. Your post is here for some reason:

    To convert to a main site log in, simply log in using the Facebook login icon at, and then go to your User page at On this page, verify your email address, then set a new password. Once that is completed, you will log in using your verified email and password. If you have a problem with this, send in a ticket.

    The game page is fine. Did you try rebooting your pc after your browser crash?
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    For additional assistance with a ticket, please provide a moderator with your ingame name, server, and game.


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      My firefox browser is fine now but entering the game still poses major problems.Irregular lags hit my side and just now was really the most moronic occurance.When the hero chest bonus window appears,it was suddenly stuck to my mouse and the ****** refused to dislodge from it no matter how i move or click!Because of that i lost a gem chest(i was in goddess defense) and had to reload the whole game just to free myself of it.I used to be able to get 10% combo but now im lucky if i can get even 5% with all the interruptions.Since browsing other sites are fine im suspecting the game is bugged.are u sure the game is working normally?Also,the game still doesnt work on other browsers i mentioned.Oh and believe me i restarted my comp multiple times.Or is rebooting something more than that?
      I posted on a random thread cos i got lost in this new layout forum and didnt know where to post initially.Shouldnt my question be redirected to the right section,if moderation were done on it?
      One feature i find especially stupid,which excerbated the problem im facing,is the tendency of the player character to run towards the rewards board after certain instances.Why make it this way?When i try to stop it by clicking on the ground,it doesnt stop running or goes in a weird direction,and poof there goes my combo.If i wanted to reach the rewards board i can just click it on the right tab,or if it isnt there then i can open the activity window to click it
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        Can someone bloody stop this game from ******* up continuously?I have been losing items because the ******* game misinterprets my clicks every now and then,is any gm gonna compensate me??!This game is becoming ******* unplayable!Do u want more people to quit??