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r2games will tolerate racism?

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  • r2games will tolerate racism?

    R2games you guys will tolerate racism from server 104 people? I got called by slave,black pet , black , nigga , charcoal african and also they told me to go back to the jungle , the best part is they are totally wrong but instead of admitting it they just say '' you are in OUR server, if you don't want to see that kind of comments blacklist us'' , just like we gonna keep our racism cause nothing will happen to us and if you don't want to see what we say just ignore. We are in 2017 and i think that kind of behavior shouldn't be tolerated. Please do something about it instead giving players automatic messages in ticket.

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    that's messed up racism should not be tolerated any where ,everyone one in this game is of different cultures ,this is suppose to be a game to have fun in to enjoy getting away from the day to day struggles not name calling.


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      Maybe R2 is owned by Trump or the KKK?


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        I rly hope r2 does something about it, any kind of racism or harassment should be banned and don't be accepted.
        We want a game free from such things and you know racism and so on is a crime in the most countries.
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          sad to know that there are people with this kind of thinking, racism shouldn't be tolerated and they need to be punished.
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            This is obviously a racially motivated attack. Several players with their gang mentality verbally attacked another player spewing racial slurs at him. Racism is unacceptable behavior and R2Games needs to do the right thing and ban these racist players and show them Racism will not be tolerated on any of their games.


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              They can't even spell most of those slurs right and they are making themselves look bad, kinda funny.
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                Phew, must suck to be in that server...bad-mouthing/cursing I've seen, haven't seen THAT many people stoop to such ignorant comments and bullying before in wc. Hmm, I'm wondering if this is a rare case or perhaps it happens a lot over there...would be nice if something was done.


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                  so how about this, this guys also always abuse filter skipping, but R2 never do nothing to this guys


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                    d1m4sw43 - none of that is against the rules, given the context. Filter skipping is the intentional use of alternative spelling, spaces, or characters to force a censored word past the censor. In most cases of minor skipping, no one is going to care. When people go on and on, and get quite vulgar, then report it.

                    BCS777 Your case was forwarded for review, as you were told in your ticket. I will remind you again to put these people on your ignore list, and stop responding them.

                    As this matter is being handled through ticket, this thread is now closed.
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