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we need server merge

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  • we need server merge

    s80, s71 and a few other servers. i mean, only 5 people are consistently active. please merge us so we can enjoy the game more. more enjoyment = more top ups ;D

    ps some new events and content would be really nice. ^-^ new classes too.

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    I think server 131 needs a merge~ They seem so lonely~
    Name: Onishirei
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    Level: 84 And Beyond!
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    Guild: Jinyiwei (AGL)
    Partner/Pupil: Keiko

    11/27/17~Happy 3rd Birthday Server 101


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      i would say merge all the oceanic servers together as one and merge all the europe servers together as one, merge east coast as one and west coast as one.
      that would leave 3 or 4 serves servers and less work for r2games. As far as cross server arena and battle of might it can still be done. There still might be issues with merging
      but it's just a thought.


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        it would also be great if we have a trade system.


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          Originally posted by LunariaJenevive View Post
          it would also be great if we have a trade system.
          You should of made your own forum post or looked up on forums why there will be no chance of a trade system in this game.
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            merge all server are you serious ? Oceanic is the pk server


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              more top ups ? dont kidding me those active players there are NON VIP with low might just say you want more bloody server