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    Yo, anyone know any games similar to Lunaria Story or Starlight Story ( + )
    Both games are fairly simple grind type mmo's for the (pointless) main story and focus more on real time pvp events (couldn't find pvp videos for starlight).
    Honestly, Lunaia was my replacement for Starlight and now that Lunaria's pretty much dead trying to find a replacement for it now ._.
    If not I'll probably just join the next new server to kill some time but a new game would probably be better =/
    Server - 74
    IGN - ๖ƒℓαяε
    Guild - Paradox
    Class - Hunter
    Might - 1333k+
    Level - 85

    "Levels are just numbers. In this world, strength is just an illusion. There are more important things. Next time, let’s meet in the real world. Then we’ll be friends, just like we are now." -Kirito