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Does R2Games even care anymore about Lunaria Story?

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  • Does R2Games even care anymore about Lunaria Story?

    So ugh, like asked in the title, does R2 even care anymore about LS? No big update for YEARS, I stopped playing the game for 3 whole years, and when I came back it was exactly the same, nothing changed...

    I don't know if it's true (since I stopped playing), but I've read somewhere in the forum that the Christmas event (The map and the free costume), the Halloween event, the Easter event, ect... aren't as big as they used to be, for exemple the map of Lunaria City doesn't even change anymore during winter, ect...

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    This is why LS will shut down.

    Eventually, R2Games will go bankrupt
    Nothing to do much here.


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      no they do not sadly but when the game shuts down they will learn the hard way
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