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    When will r2 merge new server to old servers?
    -s138 Misty Gardens

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    I think they will never merge the new servers to the old ones,they can't even do 1 merge/year..


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      Everything minus S156, S157, S158 is possible. maybe we might get an update this week, and it does look like its a yearly event now. last time only 3 servers were left. so maybe the same again this time


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        Hmm really bc at the last merge s144 was the last merged server,what opened at November,bc I registrated to s145,s146,s147 later and it's opened in February,1 month after the merge.


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          But as I can see,the events didn't even show up since October,and the new merge didn't announced yet..Altough they announce the new servers a 2-3 days before the open,the s158 get announced that they when it opened,before that you only seen it in the servers list,but if you didn't take a look at the forum,then you didn't know about that.


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            Lunaria Story doesn't have a dedicated mod anymore so i should imagine R2_Crystal wasn't available to put it on the forum or wasn't told of the new server launch before hand.
            And it's almost certainly looking like no merge will happen either.