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paradisal radiant ore and valor

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  • paradisal radiant ore and valor

    i just recently came back after a year of not playing and im trying to figure things out again. what do i do with paradisal radiant ore?
    also i have unlocked all the medals of valor so what do i do with all the valor i have left and should i keep doing the event to gain valor? how do i get medal runes for the medal of valor aswell?
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    Brandon44022 - S12

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    The reason why we get so many more Radiant Ores, is because after level 4 ( there is 5 tiers of 5 levels )
    so basically 25 levels at the end of a tier you use radiant ores to upgrade to next level
    at the end of the 4th level i believe, you start to get FAILS on upgrading to next level and it takes like 138 radiant ores
    for each fail...( I had 4 fails ) thats why we get so many of those, you will eventually need them ...