Our latest browser MMORPG title. Mythic Glory - a game which will see players assume the role of powerful heroes, combatting the forces of evil in a mythical realm of godly beings - will be officially launching on 17 January 2017 at 9am EST.

Players can join Mythic Glory by guild and be rewarded

How to participate:
  1. Guild leaders post threads in forums to recruit guild members. Following is an example of the recruitment format:
[Thread Title] Are you tough enough to be one of The Moondogs?
[Thread Contents] Guild Name: Le Michel And The Moondogs
Target server: S2
Guild Leader: Lao Ban
Guild Blessing: Make It Explain.
  1. Players who are interested should reply with words like: "ZZZ is in" and post a screenshot of their Liked Facebook page. Following is an example of a reply.
Character name: ZZZ
Click image for larger version  Name:	fb.png Views:	1 Size:	588.0 KB ID:	1944359

Need to highlight Click image for larger version  Name:	like.png Views:	1 Size:	2.9 KB ID:	1944360
  1. Rewards: Players will be rewarded according to the size of their guild.
Recruit 19 members (via forum) Recruit 34 members (via forum)
Guild Leader Gold Bag x2, Beast Spirit Stone x30, Lvl. 3 Gem Pack x1 Gold Bag x3, Stone of Carnage x2, Rune of EXP I x10
Guild Member Gold Bag x1, Beast Spirit Stone x10, Lvl. 2 Gem Pack x1 Gold Bag x1, Stone of Carnage x1, Rune of EXP I x5
  1. Reward Delivery Process
R2 staff will start to check guilds' info within 24 hours after the server launch. Rewards will be sent out via mail within 72 hours after the server launch.Note:1. Players who join in guilds without making a reservation in the guild leaders' recruitment threads in advance will not be rewarded.2. To be rewarded, the guild leader should create a recruitment thread to convince players to make a reservation in their guild before the server launch. They also need to ensure those players join the guild in-game within 24 hours after the server launch.

Warriors, see you in the game!