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Shadowbound December Update Preview

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  • Shadowbound December Update Preview

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    Greeting Guardians!

    Are you ready for what we have in store for you? Let's take a sneak peak at next week's Shadowbound version update! Stay tuned to the forum for more details in the coming days.

    Cross-server Guild Wars

    The greatly anticipated Cross-server Guild Wars will go live between Dec. 19th and Dec. 28th! The top 4 guilds from each server’s Guild Wars will be qualified and registered at noon on Dec. 19th. Guilds are divided into different battle regions according to server launch dates; each battle region has up to 32 guilds. Cross-server Guild Wars will start at 20:40 on Dec. 19th and have the same rules as Guild Wars. All players on the Champion Guild’s server will be able to claim awesome rewards! During the Cross-server Guild Wars, players can also wager on participating guilds to earn gold!

    Gear Gilding

    Gilding unlocks upon reaching Lvl. 50. Players may access the Forge panel to begin gilding gear. Gilding boosts gear stats to greatly improve battle rating! Plus, an additional refine-able stat will be granted when gilding reaches 3, 6 and 9 stars. At 4 stars, a 4th gem slot will be unlocked. Collect gilding materials in MP Dungeons now!

    Soul System

    The Soul system unlocks upon reaching Lvl. 60. Click the soul button on the main screen to access the system. Each Mercenary can have 1 main Soul and 1 sub-Soul which give stat bonuses. Every time a Mercenary uses an ultimate skill there’s a chance to launch one more attack using its main soul’s skill. Souls can gain EXP by training and melding other souls. Level up souls to increase stats, skill level, quality and stat growth rate. Soul Shards and related materials can be found in Heroic Challenges.

    Heroic Challenges

    Upon reaching Lvl. 60, players can access Heroic Challenges on the World Map. Heroes in each level are randomly generated. You must beat the previous hero before activating the next one. Some heroes’ qualities will improve after being beaten. Each successful challenge costs 1 attempt. You cannot challenge heroes when you’re out of attempts. Gain 1 free reset attempt and 10 attempts at 0:00 daily; up to 20 attempts can be stored. Unlock one level for every 5 character levels. Clear a level to move to the next level if character level requirement is met. Each cleared level awards soul training materials, Soul Shards and more. Clear all levels to earn an awesome bonus reward!

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    this is what im waiting for. many thanks
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      very nice to hear more events are coming thankyou r2 was waiting for this also


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        When this new feature will start?


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          we are planning on updating SB next week so the players can have a very special SB christmas........ and the merges are coming after xmas as well.....
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            YAYY!!! finally the most exciting events are upcoming.... excited, too much excited


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              this will be fun...


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                Originally posted by XrosSlash View Post
                this is what im waiting for. many thanks
                yes sure, no prob rinoa tendou


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                  finally, some good news......we got a little bored with the same events everyday
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                      is not fair why not guild winner in guild war can be regis to guild war cross server ?


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                        I am not sure what you are saying there..... but its the top 4 guilds in guild wars, meaning the top 4 finishing positions in guild wars, not the top 4 ranked guilds in the guild rankings
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                        R2 Serrin, My partner and fiancee, RIP 1971-2015
                        Cha bhi fios aire math an tobair gus an trÃ*igh e.


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                          No heroic battle this month?


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                            Thx shadowbound

                            play every day
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                              Geez, on my Mom's birthday... going to be a funfest/slugfest. Can't wait.