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Shadowbound Server Merges on April 27th @ 02:00 EST

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  • [Merge] Shadowbound Server Merges on April 27th @ 02:00 EST

    Shadowbound Server Merges for 04/27 @ 02:00 AM EST

    Servers merge are scheduled for Friday, the 27th of April beginning at 02:00 AM EDT(06:00 AM GMT, and 14:00 PM GMT +8). These servers will be down for approximately 2 to 4 hours to allow for adequate testing, but could be longer. Please watch this thread for any updates or changes.

    The following servers to be merged are:Oceanic Servers (Group 1)
    • (S106+S133)
    Euro Servers (Group 1)
    • (S3+S65+S108)
    Euro Servers (Group 2)
    • (S130+S132+S135+S137+S139+S141)

    US East Servers (Group 1)
    • (S1+S38)
    US East Servers (Group 2)
    • (S82+S107+S125)
    US East Servers (Group 3)
    • (S129+S131+S134+S136+S138+S140)
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    What good is a merge without adding content for players to stay and come back. You are doing nothing to keep players, add players, or get players to come back. That is just plain stupid. Fix the issues that need fixing for a long time and add new content otherwise you might as well just shut it down.


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      Indeed, Shadowrebel1. Let them (if they still have more than 1 employee, LOL) at least fix the farm.


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        still idiots
        :cool:(hardy$boy) server 73:cool: