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[S148] Whispering Frontier - Going Live 08-07 at 21:00 UTC-6 New_York

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  • [New Server!] [S148] Whispering Frontier - Going Live 08-07 at 21:00 UTC-6 New_York

    Greetings Heroes,

    We are pleased to announce that our newest server [S148] Whispering Frontier is going to be live on August 7th at 21:00 UTC-6 (New_York), and we've got some special activities lined up for its launch.

    See you in Game

    - Shadowbound Team

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    I think it's very interesting that you are creating other servers, just to profit from the otarios that are reloading on new servers in the hope of getting stronger, while you have servers that are god, because you do not have the ability to do more junctions, example s142 server even though it has less than 10 players who are still playing in the hope of a junction, funny as there are still players who spend fortunes to stay strong and believing that in the future the "administrators" will update some prizes of the game or even new events, while the same ones only appear to announce new serves, really you are mercenaries who know that there are many players that will only stop playing when this one fails more do not have the descencia of putting new Events, Prizes for such players, Summarizing you alone pension money, still are professionals hahaha, PATHETICS.


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      so,where is new server..