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[S151] Emerald Island goes live on November 7th 09:00 UTC

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  • [New Server!] [S151] Emerald Island goes live on November 7th 09:00 UTC

    Greetings Heroes,

    We are pleased to announce that our newest server [S151] Emerald Island will go live on November 7th 09:00 UTC, and we've got some special activities lined up for its launch.

    See you in Emerald Island

    - Shadowbound Team

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    So you guys seriously just care about opening up new servers instead of fixing existing servers... it's Halloween and there is no ....and I mean no events, not even the monthly recycled ones. Why oh why do we keep investing time, energy, effort, and worst of all money into this game???????? We are getting nothing in return, it's a bad relationship no matter how you look at it. Mental health care professionals would say we have issues. The definition of insanity is repeating the same course of action and expecting different results. I stopped playing this game in 2016 because it wouldn't correct the mistakes and issues. I come back two years later and it is worse than when I left. My farm is messed up, crusades are still disproportionately uneven. Rewards for effort are still sub-par and rewards for diamonds have fallen into pathetic levels. I digress, I still play, and I still play. I just hate to see wasted potential.


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      End of month is always no event. Will be again in a couple days
      Merri - S143