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Design Your Own Pets!

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  • Design Your Own Pets!

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Name:	Draw.jpg
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ID:	1754688
    We have prepared a very special forum event for you - Design Your Own Pet for the upcoming Pet System!
    Share your original pet designs with us, and the champion will have his/her design added to our pet collection! Every participant will be rewarded.

    1. Post your ORIGINAL pet design with an introduction to this forum thread.

    2. You can upload either hand-drawn or computer-drawn designs in JPG format (less than 1MB).

    3. Posts must contain:
    a. Design diagram
    b. Pet introduction (name & background information)
    c. Your server and character name

    Evaluation Criteria

    1. Designs must be your original work or you will be disqualified.

    2. Pictures can be done in any method, such as hand-painted or using computer software, as long as they are creative and original.

    3. R2Games will decide upon the specific number of winners in consideration of design quality and the number of entries. Players will then vote to choose a champion among the chosen works.

    Event Calendar

    8/12 - 8/29 First Stage: Players can post their designs.

    8/30 - 8/31 Second Stage: The event thread will be closed, and R2Games will assess the designs and decide upon the finalists.

    9/1 - 9/8 Final Stage: Players vote for the champion.

    9/9 - 9/16 Reward Distribution

    Note: We have yet to set a date upon which the design can be implemented as the design phase can be quite time consuming, but rest assured that we will do our best to present the in-game design version as quickly as possible.



    Gets his/her original designed pet for FREE;

    "Ace of Arts" title;

    Pet Potion x300;

    Pet Vigor Elixir x160.


    Their designs will be kept for back-up pet designs (And will receive the pet for free of the design is used later);

    "Ace of Arts" title;

    Pet Potion x180;

    Pet Vigor Elixir x80.

    All participants will get Pet Potion x80 and Pet Vigor Elixir x40.

    P.S. Design any pet you want and it
    doesn't have to be a dragon!

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    I will not be submitting a picture, as i lack artistic ability, but good luck to all who do, and +1 to you guys for having such a cool event.
    Turkey of S2.


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      Click image for larger version

Name:	aryxon.jpg
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ID:	1692734

      ARYXON: Airy, Graceful, Dancing, Sweet....

      NAME ORGIN: Elvin

      SPECIES: Dragon

      AGE: 120

      GENDER: Female

      ATRIBUTE: Ice

      BACKSTORY: Dragons were once hunted and brought to extinction for fear of their potentially mythical strength and powers. One thousand years later, during a time of agony and war, an unknown traveler was travelling through a forest known for harboring enchanted creatures and unknown species spotted a curious looking figure wandering about. The travelers curiosity getting the better of his reason he follows the creature through the forest. Coming upon a clearing he runs out into the open hoping to get a better view but to his astonishment the creature had vanished. Now open and exposed in unfamiliar territory the traveler started to get a eerie feeling as the sun fell behind dark clouds. Now alone and defenseless in the dark he was exposed to any creatures unforgiving mercy. Attempting to make his way back into the forest to find some shelter he is ambushed by what some would call a Werepyer. Half Werewolf and half Vampire this creature was known for brutally devouring any living thing. Frozen by fear the traveler stood there helplessly as the creature lunged at him. The traveler closed his eyes as he knew his life was about to come to an end.... What felt like hours but only being a few seconds the traveler noticed that the beast had yet to make the kill. Shaking uncontrollably the traveler opened his eyes to only be thrown into shock as he looked upon the Werepyer inches from him to be frozen solid in a block of ice. Taking his chance to flee the traveler turned to run only to immediately run into something rock hard and cold as ice. After regaining his bearing the Traveler opened his eyes to the shadowy figure he had once been following into the clearing. the Figure slowly walked toward him and stopped only feet in front of him. As he looked in fear the sun appeared once more only to expose the most magnificent creature he had ever seen. Standing at six feet in height with a belly as white as ice and scales radiating a sapphire blue in every direction was a creature he had only been told about in stories when he was a child. Unable to think or move the creature hunched down to his level, inches from his face, he did the only thing he could do out of instinct and that was to reach his hand out and place it on the creatures head. Upon the touch he was met with a shock the radiated through his body and he black out. Jolting up the traveler thought he had just experienced a crazy dreamed realized he had no idea where he was. looking around he seemed to be in a cave made of ice but strangely he did not feel cold. He started to feel fear wash over him once more but was welcomed by a voice in his mind telling him to be calm reassuring him he was safe. The voice was soft and smooth a warming intrusion to his mind. Curiously he asked out loud who was there but was met with no reply. Standing up slowly the voice returned telling him to turn around. Not knowing what to make of it but still the voice felt inviting almost like a lullaby he slowly turned around. standing before him was the Dragon from his once thought a dream. He asked the dragon how she was able to talk to him through thoughts. The dragon explained that he was the only human she had ever come across and upon there physical connection a bond was formed. The traveler looking at his surroundings of ice and wandering why he was not cold. As if his every thought was being read the Dragon told him that the bond shared between them had formed some new found magical abilities in the human. The human asked the dragon what her name was. Shed did not reply. Minutes went by as he looked upon her gracefulness and remembered a word a once read in an old book that meant airy, dancing, graceful sweet: Aryxon. Upon hearing the thought of the word the dragon seemed to hum as if hearing the word brought her praise. She said yes little one that is my name and what might yours be? The traveler replied with thought, Allexx.... My name is Allexx..... It was a beginning of a new companionship one that had not been seen in over a thousand years...

      I am not the best artist nor do I claim to be. I am just giving this my best shot and having some fun with the challenge and hope you all have enjoyed my creation. I had fun creating this and look forward to everyone entries as well.

      SERVER: [S4] Emerald Peaks
      INGAME NAME: Allexx
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        Thank u
        Originally posted by R287079037 View Post
        I will not be submitting a picture, as i lack artistic ability, but good luck to all who do, and +1 to you guys for having such a cool event.


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          Celto the Ash Creator

          Atribute: Fire
          Gender: Male

          Click image for larger version

Name:	dragoncelto.jpg
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Size:	79.4 KB
ID:	1692744

          In a distant country miners were mining for rare Dragon fossils. One day a large deposit is found by one of the miners, where a preserved fosil egg is found.
          The egg is taken to be studied, but noone expects the dragon inside to still be alive. In the middle of the night, the egg hatches and the baby dragon escapes.
          Ever since its been seen roaming the lands looking for a new master.

          And a phys attack dps one

          Name: Shadowclaw

          Attribute: Physical Dark spirit

          Click image for larger version

Name:	Shadowbane.gif
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Size:	48.7 KB
ID:	1693850

          Born in the darkest depths, the shadowclaws always hunger for more prey.

          Server: [S11] Dragon's Nest
          Name: Lufia
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Name:	Cactuar_186370.jpg
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ID:	1692748

            Can i hazz cactuar as my pet? :P


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              Click image for larger version

Name:	camokomosnake.png
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Size:	301.1 KB
ID:	1692747


              Background: This young beast is an outcast from the Comodo beast island as one side of it's wing was torn off in a fight with the an adult como. A warrior found this beast 200 miles from the island and decided to rescue it before it bleeds to death. To make up for the lost of the wing at such a young age, the hunter created a variety of camouflage net(hence the various colors)to don on this beast. The teeth of the Como is lace with paralyzing venom ,it lies still to ambush it's prey. The warriorname it the Camokomo.

              Later on , a friend of the warrior who is a mage cast a spell on the skin of Camokomo allowing Camokomo to camoflage to it's surrounding without the need of a Camoflage net and would remain camoflaged by rapidly adapting it's skin colours to the surrounding even as the Comodo moves(slowly) towards it's prey for a sneak attack.Now, whenever the warrior engages in a long fight , the Camokomo will slowly sneak up on the enemy and give a paralyzing bite to help it's master. The mage's spell had a permanent effect on this creature and even altered the genes thus passing this new abilities to it's descendants. From this creature, a new species of beast was born.

              Sever: S1
              In game Name: Cammo

              PS:not an artist but just wanted to participate for fun and share some ideas...


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                Click image for larger version

Name:	FLAMEBACK.jpeg
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Size:	17.5 KB
ID:	1692749 Name - FlameHound backstory - a distant country were Wolfs roam free. A rare wolf watches over them carefully forever standing there ground just as an angel does for a human . One day a traveller is found by one of the wolfs hurt and in pain , where the watchful eye of the guardian wolf Flamehound seeing them both grow as friends due to a accident the wolf was hurt and the guardian FlameHound swore from that day forward to show himself the the warrior and guard him to the best of his abilities.
                The warrior studied with flamehound and they grew together stronger , but no one expects the transformation that took place between the two inside. In the middle of the night
                Ever since its been seen roaming as a team never to be separated ----- Character Server 4 Emerald -Name - DeathNote - class - Mage


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                  Design Your Own Pets!

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	GAHUL.jpg
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ID:	1692750

                  Name: GAHUL, the ghost king

                  SPECIES: Ghost

                  AGE: Unkown

                  GENDER: unknown

                  ATRIBUTE: Unknown

                  Your server and character name

                  SERVER: S8 IRONTHRONE

                  IGN: MsYvaine


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                    Click image for larger version

Name:	Gold Doggie.png
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Size:	456.1 KB
ID:	1692751

                    Name: Onix

                    Species: Doggie

                    Power: Rabies

                    Gender: Male

                    Age: 29 (dog years)

                    Server: S1

                    Name: OnixStar
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Name:	gorgulja_gotovaja.jpg
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Size:	29.3 KB
ID:	1692811

                      NAME : Stonehead

                      SPECIES: Demon

                      AGE: unknown

                      GENDER: Female

                      ATRIBUTE: Earth

                      BACKSTORY: gargoyle was carved out of stone by Hades. Seeks to protect his master with their lives.

                      SERVER: [S1]

                      INGAME NAME: DI
                      Attached Files
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                        This PET NAME:
                        Devil Von
                        --> The Devil Von Live Free in Dark Castle . A Devil Von can give bigger Support to his both von friends. She Can Trav el in The World with him Self by eating in the forest of animals that She passed in travelling. Devil Von is Magical Type of Power that can survive by himself.

                        --- Server 1:
                        (Autum Hollow)

                        Character Name:




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                          Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_5844.JPG
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Size:	105.9 KB
ID:	1692757

                          art is just a rough sketch of what I came up with.

                          NAME : Kauai

                          SPECIES: hybrid demon ostrich bird

                          AGE: ancient

                          GENDER: male

                          ATTRIBUTE: would see it either as fire or earth

                          Ostrich demon conceived from alchemist toying around trying to make new demons merged with regular animals and this is one of the results.

                          SERVER: [S1]

                          INGAME NAME: Toxic


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                            Click image for larger version

Name:	sample.png
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Size:	95.4 KB
ID:	1692759

                            Name : Sapling

                            Age : a year

                            Atribute : Earth-Nature

                            Backstory : Many years ago there were a beuty forest cut down by people . some seeds were lucky like sapling . they want to vengeance people who destroyed their family

                            Server : S10

                            Name : kalamar
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Name:	sophyshadow.jpg
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Size:	65.7 KB
ID:	1692761

                              Name: Sophy

                              Age: unknown

                              Attributes :Earth / Wind

                              Backstory: lives in the fairy forests since hundreds of years, having a light soul to charm all other fairy forest animals. With its magical flower hurricane she deals deadly wind damage.

                              Server: S11

                              Name: Aisrin
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