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Pandora's treasure BUGS

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  • Pandora's treasure BUGS

    bugged item that dosent event appear when claim

    Arena card
    lv6 gem packs

    3x wing upgrade = 1 instead of 9x
    3x scroll upgrade = 1 instead of 9x
    3x pet virgo upgrade = 1 instead of 9x

    heck didnt notice it until i got my wings and i look and NOTHING!! what a RIP!!!!!
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    what is the character and server name.......
    Dragon Pals and Shadowbound Mod and Basic tech support

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      S1 - Eth3r


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        Had the same problem here.
        Done about 6 pandora's, one of them received level 6 gem bag, another was a level 3 gem bag and another received pet skill chest (s)... none of these went to inventory. I'm not sure if any of the other items were missing but these I noted when received and was extremely annoyed when they were not there.
        Can this please be fixed and the items added as they should have been?

        Character Jadewolf
        Server 4
        0330 server time 28/8/14


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          it soo bad i stop recharging for this game, it a complete waste of support