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Whats wrong on 3v3 on server 2?

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  • Whats wrong on 3v3 on server 2?

    we tryd to play 3v3,
    but we seem to appear to have problems
    Invites dont come through and mostly this,
    Click image for larger version

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    Is this a server problem or a bug?,
    or is it caus there were no teams?,
    thats what someone said, but thats highly doubtfull that there were no teams
    with alot of teams being out and fighting..
    I hope any of you can make clear what this problem is.

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    mostly what ? you need to tell us what the issue is, the screenshot is not showing a issue
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      I can confirm that invites doesn't work most of the times on 3 vs. 3 and i can't screenshot that.
      Happens on S1 since day one. It works sometimes. So maybe its because the system can't handle it if all
      are searching for team members.
      Best thing to do is:
      Set a password and post it into the worldchat so the team member you want to get in can click it and enter
      the password then.
      That's how we handle it in guild now.

      But it would be nice if devs could try it with mor then 5 on 3 vs.3 on their test servers

      Caramon S1
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        Thank you for the tip Caramon ,

        The 3v3 kept standing at Matching and didnt change so after 5 minutes we gave up and the other left, thats when i made the printscreen
        to ask if it was a problem on the server or that it couldnt find any teams