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Windfall Event Bug

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  • Windfall Event Bug

    The server maintenance on the 29th appears to have bugged my Windfall event. I claimed my rebate for the 29th before the maintenance, however my remaining 3 days of rebate have been bugged. My rebate on the 30th states that it has been claimed, even though I have not yet done so. Also, my rebates on the 31st and 1st don't match with the corresponding sowing dates. For example, on the 31st I should be claiming 159640 gold, but it claims I will be getting 204620 gold, which is what I should have claimed on the 30th.

    Server: Armor Games S1
    Character: Hisouten
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    Updating the situation now that it's the 31st.

    I collected my rebate for the 31st and it gave me 159640, which is indeed what I should have gotten today. The event window still gives me to option to claim the rebate, but attempting to do so gives an error code. Also, the event window is now stating that I have claimed my rebate for the 1st, but I will have to wait until tomorrow to see how that turns out.
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      Correct, all guild members and me have the same problem...lots of gold and diamonds are missed!

      Ari, Guild Leader [Freunde], S11


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        It's the 1st now and I tried to collect my rebate for today, but am unable to as it claims I have already claimed my rebate.

        Therefore I am missing my rebates for the 30th and the 1st.


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          I am having this issue as well... I am on the armor games server with Hisouten as well


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            i am BANKSY from s11 DRAGONS NEST..also from ari.s guild who spoke above..i am also not able to pick up todays or yesterdays and am now getting ERRCODE19701 flashing up


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              i think everyone is including myself not been able to claim anything yet myself all tho i have been spending gold....

              server 14
              ingame name : lorddlo25


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                Character name Fradul on Armor Games Server 1

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                  the issue has been reported
                  Dragon Pals and Shadowbound Mod and Basic tech support

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                    I received the 2 days of unclaimed rebates in the mail so this is no longer an issue.


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                      same here im cant got that lol

                      Server = S12
                      Name = FonTwyla

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