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Changing toon's outfit?

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  • Changing toon's outfit?

    I remember coming across a place where you can change your character's outfit with another set of outfit... but I can't seem to find that function anymore...(forgot where I found it...). Does anyone know how to change one's outfit in the game?

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    that is not a option in SB, but you may be thinking of the mount related clothing... so changing your mount can change the clothing
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      There used to be a button in Equipment screen called Glamor, it used to give you the option of changing your clothes to any previous outift you had gotten in the game for the cost of 50 diamonds.
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        What Valkyrian said was true. You can Glamour weapon for a previously owned one for 50diamonds. Same goes to Armor. I recharged just to get those but after the game was updated, they removed it. Its located here Character>Equip>Glamour .
        Theres was three options before, Gear Swap,Glamour and Stats. now, ony Gear swap and Stats are available. Don't know why they removed it.


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          It's true. A player on S2 named Yorgy has the starting look for the Hunter class, but hes level 59. a few weeks ago though, the Glamour for your Character disappeared.
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            i think we need clothes like other game.
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