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  • merc cards

    I understand they are random drops in catacombs and in mighty mercs. But it is my understanding that random means one every now and then not none at all since this started. Get plenty of runes, but runes are useless if you don't get any mercs to use them on.

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    i know a number of people who have none yet, it seems like blind luck. I have been told, but i do not know if this is true or not....., that if you FULL STAR the catacomb there is a higher drop rate, i am going to drop a catacomb level to see if this is maybe true, if anyone knows for certain would they please post?


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      I believe it's still as random, whatever stars in catacombs you get. And also , it's each 5 floors in mighty mercs, but still low %. I have got 1 since I started, 1 or 2 on my server got 2, and a lot got none yet. I know system should be long to get them all, to make it last, but maybe something like a super hot event that would be to stay online "x" hours in a WEEK to get a random one. So at least everyone would have at least 1 per week, and woudnt be too bad...
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        50 member guild with very active players attending every event and running catas and 3 outta 50 have merc cards!! C'MON MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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          If they're not giving the cards randomly.. At least give out the materials used for crafting once every day.. -.-'