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Heroic Battle

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  • Heroic Battle

    I just to ask a question to the Game Moderator or the Shadow Bound. Why a level 40 is competing in Heroic Battle level 30-39? I thought it is automatic like in 8vs8 that when you are level 40 you cannot enter level 30-39 anymore. Does Shadow Bound monitoring the players level? This happened in(S6) NightAngels server. Just please check because how a level 39 with just 3 mercs win against a level 40 with 4 mercs which are higher level.

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    They leveled after signing up for it. Their new level/gear don't count towards the tourny because it uses a cached version of the character when they were 39.


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      not true count it ... i lose from 42lvl player


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        Thanks for the answer. I understand now


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          yeah they exploit this by leveling up and then update br and it works


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            Just asking,got other story...It's normal when 1 person were already 2 days 50+ and now he fight in cross servers in category 40-49???


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              the Heroic battle will be reviewed after the event has finished, the main priority is making sure that it ran correctly on the servers the first time...
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