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  • Heroic Battle

    I thought the brackets were set for levels... even cross server.. I just fought 2 battles with people 40+ as a lvl 39... Something is off about this. If this is not an exploit please let me know so I can hit my lvl up button as I was waiting so that I would not cause issues.

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    I just lost a battle to a lvl 45 from S1, and im on S18.. during this cross server..the GMS need to do something about this.. it is completely not fair to allow 40+ in the 30-39 battles... They need to stop ignoring the issue.. I know this sounds like I am fussing at them but I am not, I am just aggravated that there are people blatantly exploiting this event and clearly on many different forums yet nothing is being done about it.


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      3 day i tyoe here comments .. i losse today 3 battles from 43 lvl (1) and 42 lvl (twice), im a 39 lvl no one answer me for this


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        the issue will be looked into after the heroric battle is over, the main priority is making sure that it was working correctly on all servers as it was the first time it was run
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