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  • Boss Last Hit

    On server 32 in the past 6 bosses, 5 that I know of were hit last by the same person, the #1 person. The 6th was possibly hit by him too....This doesnt seem legit at all, and is starting to make a lot of people suspicious. Can anyone give me a clue as to why this person is repeatedly getting last hit....And please dont insult my intelligence by giving me the whole damage and timing equation, there are far too many variables in that to explain anything..... Thank you....

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    talismans that give the chance of double hitting and speed gems, combined with a level 5 or higher mount, can allow the player to outhit other players
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      higher damage total whole team give u higher chance to last hit the boss. since u said he is #1 in your server. most likely he has highest damage which u can use inspire to boost damage also.


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        relax. when everyone power increased, last hit will be very random. happen to my server also.
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