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    Okay after the first shock to have that bar again, i cleared cache and deletet the r2 session cookie and reloaded.
    Since then i haven't seen the bar again, neither on arena nor on crusader.
    Browser is Iron based on Chromium.

    Hope it stays that way or i will report back
    And report back .... Annoying bar is after 4 fights in crusader back
    Click image for larger version

Name:	crusader loading bar 10.01.14.JPG
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    Caramon S1
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      From around battle 6-7 in crusades...again.

      I'm getting tired of this!
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        It's still happening on s4. To me and a few guildmembers. Quite funny when ur doing loops, get arena, loading bar stays and lingers around as u go talk to npc's....
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          Have not been able to do arena on S1 almost since last update... arena bar stuck at 99% and have to refresh after every battle... crusades... same loading bar getting stuck.. can still run but have to move things around to change formation... I so love this game but hard to play when it takes forever to a few simple tasks

          Unfortunately ... hard for me to loads screen shots ... apparently they are too large :/



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            Its a week now and no fix, sorry kit but i am getting tired and really annoyed of this bug.
            Its no fun to do arena for loops anymore so i have to use my shortcut cards or have to reload
            on every arena fight. Because you can see or click certain quests (like quiz) when the
            loading bar sticks in front of the screen.
            So any eta when it will be fixed? I hope its soon.

            Caramon S1
            Proud leader of the Dragons


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              mostly in arena and crusades. refreshing helps but only for 2 or 3 times then have to refresh again.
              annoying thingy....
              Click image for larger version

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                Happens to me in crusades and arena always. S11 Anirath


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                  I know you are aware of this problem but if you don't want anyone more post about it you should fix it. It is still happening and it is very aggravating to have to refresh over and over again.


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                    Been bugged for over a week now, getting a bit irritating


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                      This same thing happens to me, I don't see a reason to post a screenshot as it would be identical to what's shown.

                      This happens for me using Windows 7. As far as browsers it happens on the mini client, Chrome, FireFox, Maxthon, and IE. It only happens on Crusades and 1v1 arena. It does not happen to me when I pvp via Treasure Trove, 3v3, or 8v8.




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                        So When is this issue gonna be fixed ?
                        If they cant fix it , just delete those pop up loadings.
                        They are starting to get on my nerves.


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                          btw. we had that bug for two weeks and no compensation ???
                          It was so annoying I lost around 50 Shortcut cards :/

                          Caramon S1
                          Proud leader of the Dragons