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again trolled? at tree?

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  • again trolled? at tree?

    cant be guys 100 shakes only 1 heart??? some guys get 5 ore more most time on 50

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    Say what?
    Can you please be more clear on what you are trying to say so a staff can help you out?


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      i am assuming he is talking about the prosperi tree, lol and i have NEVER seen or heard of ANYONE getting 5 ice heart shards on a single 50 shake, not saying that it hasn't happened, but...i personally have not seen or heard of anyone getting more than 2 of either the heart ice heart shards or the raptor shards, and personally not seen or talked to anyone who has gotten over 3 of either/or shards in 1 50x use. while 1 mount shard in 2(50x) spin does seem kinda is a random drop event so...