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Hacking gold by NAME REMOVED on s2 vae victis

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  • Hacking gold by NAME REMOVED on s2 vae victis

    You need to seriously check NAME AND GUILD REMOVED ,it is so obvious the player is hacking gold!!
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    It's a bit hard whitout some screenshots. I had some in guild as well that pulled out insane amounts of gold in no time. But they didnt give 1 gold to guild for 10 days, saved all vouchers they got for alchemy until it costs 200 per try, and are there both wits, both world boss. And that's just non-casher ways.

    If someone has diamonds, shaking the tree can give you 500k, if ur out of vouchers, u can use alchemy with diamonds and other events. I hear very often people in my guild say they are now at 20 mils saved up and wonder if put in astrals or towards wolf in guild shop..

    With all events in one day, and not using one diamond, just vouchers for alchemy and reviving in world boss, I can say I do near 8 millions per day. I'm never able to save up though. But if someone can, well in 7 days, thats 56 mils +.. Spend that in one day and you could easily be accused of cheating or having bought diamonds...
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      That's quite the accusation. Care to provide a reason behind it? As well as who you are?
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        Excuse me? This is a legit player and your accusation is bordering on slanderous. You need to provide proof in a ticket not post something unsubstantiated in the forums.

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