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Can't collect Achievement Reward

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  • Can't collect Achievement Reward

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    Hi. Can anyone tell me why I can't collect the reward in Achievement? The requirement is to equip 3 rare talismans, which I already did. It was also stated that bonus reward has expired(EXP) normal rewards can be collected when quest is cleared(2pcs Level 5 Gems). When I opened it earlier the progress was 2/3.. I tried to equip and unequip talismans and when I opened it again, the progress went down to 1/3. I dont get it. Is it somehow referring to epic talisman? Please help me. Thank you.
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    it says rare, but it means epic(the purple ones)
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      Just as I thought. And the part where it says progress 2/3 was because, before I have 2 epic talismans, Rebirth and False death. I accidentally sold false death due to sleepiness and I was left with Epic Rebirth. Damn! Could have been easier if I hadn't sold it. Thank you very much, R287079037.