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    , why are you allowing people to level up during the heroic battle cross server fights? a 39 should not fight a 43, nor should a 59 fight a 65. i am embarrassed that you would let something like this slip through. fix it now.

    2 day ban for swearing and abuse
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    Originally posted by Xyrinx View Post
    why are you allowing people to level up.
    You are right, that is terrible... A online game where you can level up... Why do levels exist anyway ?

    Yeah that's sarcastic, and if you would check bug section or so a search, you would see already 100 threads on the same exact subject.. you must be number 101..
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      You do realize you have the same option..... Instead of hovering at the same level for months level up also. They strategically leveled up for a monthly event. You are not in anyway being shafted. If anything this event makes people actually level up instead of waiting....


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        we have been over this time and time again..... the devs have seen fit not to change the HB.... that does not give the players the right to abuse anybody, swear or call anybody cheaters etc.... and yes we are taking a hard line on this now as warnings and requests to stop with the abuse and swearing is not working, so we are handing out forum bans such as the 2 day ban for the OP
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