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MP Purgatory 2 bugs

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  • MP Purgatory 2 bugs

    First Bug :

    Hard to replicate whitout screenshot. But can try tomorrow..

    Me, TatsuyaS and drag0n0o1 from my guild finished whitin 11 mins or so earlier during the day.

    TatsuyaS was leader and could collect the hot event Mp purgatory for finishing quick. Me and Dragon coudnt.. Is it only leader that can get it ??

    It was my 1st run of the day as well.

    2nd run of the day. Me, Ninjaz and Sephira. Ninjaz was leader, finished under 30 mins. Ninjaz could collect reward, me and Sephira no.

    Could you check into that ??

    Second bug

    Timer freezes.. Making it impossible to know how much time you have left.
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    Workaround for the second bug.
    If you enter level 11 look at the server time and add the remaining time on the frozen clock to it.
    MP will end after the time you see at the server time clock then.
    Lets say its 17:30 servertime and the frozen clock says 7:35 minutes left
    MP Purga will be over after 17:37
    I hope this will be fixed soon. And screenshots wouldn't help, we need a video kit