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  • Nowhere to go.

    I'm pretty new at this but have five characters I'm playing with and have had a lot of fun learning how to play them. Except character is a warrior lvl49. Sure, I messed up at the beginning because after I leveled up the mercs, traded for the next level ones. Did this until I hit a snag with the 3star mercs. At level 49 you cannot purchase the 3 star items to lvl up your merc. So, I kept fighting in Cloudwinder where I can only get to lvl 46 because my character is weak. Yes, my fortitude is very low, so went to work on that angle. NOW I discover that I cannot use about 3 bars of exp on that because fortitude is based on a players lvl. I cannot complete any more cloudwinder lvls because my character is weak. Again, I brought back the smaller mercs and leveled those up but still can't get the equipment upgraded because the items needed are IN THE UPPER echelons of any of the elite battles and cloudwinder. So, here is sit, with swapping out half a dozen times, using what ever I have to level mercs and equipment/mounts/pets yada yada. I'm now stuck. I have several 3 level mercs who cannot be upgraded because of my level, several 1 and 2 star mercs who are practically useless against anything stronger than I am. Again, can't do anything because of my level. I can't get past the first level in the temple because my character and mercs are too weak. I sit with three bars worth of experience with nothing to use it on.

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    Hi.. this is wartunes forum section.

    Are you sure this was meant for wartune and not for another games platform such as Shadowbound as I know they have something called Cloudwinder.

    if this is for another game, we are happy to move it for you, just tell us the game, if this is for wartune, can we have some screen shots?
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      u need to up ur br at lvl 49, u can do so by upping pets, wings, mount, fortitude, gems, astrals etc. check ur power up menu (got by clicking the BR in bottom right)
      plus at lvl 49, i have seen users cross even lvl 60 cloudwinder.