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FanPage MiniClient Error..Please Help

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  • FanPage MiniClient Error..Please Help

    when i click "Like us on Facebook" in mini client
    Click image for larger version

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    old problem. need to remove mini-client, re-download and run the program as an administrator, to keep the quick-links active i need do this 2-3 times a week is kinda annoying.


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      thats a issue with players browsers and it can be fixed by the players themselves ( as its the only way to fix it ) with a manual change to the registry of a players computer......

      what happens is that the basic shell\open\command in the registry is changed by a change in browser \ default browser \ malware and in some cases even the anti virus on a players computer.... so when a player clicks on a link, the system searches for the path protocols and is not able to find them because of the change ...... its a issue that can affect emails, MS office and many other programs

      because its a players computer that the issue exists on, we can not fix it as its beyond our control.... and yes the information on how to fix the pathway is on google and readily accessible, players do change the reg at their own risk which is why I am not posting on how to do it..... a player is welcome to provide a guide on how to fix it and post it in the forums....
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