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  • Bighorn

    I just KNOW asking this question will show how much of a noob I am, but here goes. All of us get Bighorn for some of the quests and I see that it says that it will make you the focus of attention. What kind of attention? I've not noticed anyone talking about them.

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    There's no dumb/noob questions.

    Bighorns are just used if you want to broadcast a message and want that people see it whatever channel they are on. Just makes ur message more visible as it's also shown on top of the original message box. So focus of attention, not really... More likely that ur message is seen, maybe...

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      Thanks, now I won't be puzzling over that one anymore.


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        Actually, tiger, it's a focus of attention if one misuses it to spam nonsense. Makes it easy for those of us to hit the "blacklist" on them


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          I personally don't use them. They are worth 2000 gold apiece, so I accumulate them and sell them.


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            id like to point out u can use the bighorns as currency in the daily shop folks