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server merge or not?

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    I so hope a server merge happens. I am on server 18 and is a battle to get people to join 3v3, cata or mp purgatory at times. I feel like quitting the game til a merge happens, we need one big time.


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      the lastest update I have, is that the devs are saying in january, merges are being done.... their initial plans to do them in dec have had to be delayed while some issues are dealt with but yes definately server merges are coming
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          I don't think our server will last till January. Only 1 guild left stands active. All active players joined that. As for the other events such as easy catacombs the only few remaining we just solo, can't have the luxury or the time to search for players who are not there. There was a time when 3x3 was full, now you make 1 team and then help another guy to form a 2nd team. Mp Purg you say? i have more chances getting rabbits of an invisible hat, mp teams are a myth.

          hmmm, check this out:
          Click image for larger version

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          Oh oh the guild wars...1 is lead by a guildie(just in case we don't have finals, won't that be amazing?), and the other just merged with so many active people that at one point i was getting confused by their number, and they left 1 alt there to register for GW.
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          Oh my, i forgot to tell the numbers of players that joined Mystic.....hmmm, let's see if my math's any good: 1,2,3,4,5
          that's it....i'm awesome at math
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            Ouch... Ouch... OUCH!! Just hang in there guys/gals. It's only a month away.


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              I can't wait for a merge, and GW might be fun!
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                merge s6 with others


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                  I will address your concerns.....

                  1) failure rate and exodus rate ? well SB is a niche game.... and the exodus to other games or interests, is normal.......and yes the normal call of fix the bugs and the players will stay, has been going on in many games over the years.....

                  2) S53 has over 100 active characters.... players base the activity around the players they see in events and forget that not all players are active in events or world chat.....

                  3) toxic vip players...... well the ToS applies to everybody but we can not take action on reports when players are reporting other players for abuse and harassment without any proof or screenshots.... and the rules are applied equally to everybody, being VIP 10 will not stop a player being banned

                  4) we have a vet system and active vets...... they are recruited from the servers or can apply in the forums, but most players are not interested in the job and we can not make players be vets.... but anybody is welcome to apply and be checked to see if they are potential vets.... the very successful Dragon pals vet team and LoA vet teams are run by the same people that run the SB vet team..... but vets do not and will not have the ability to mute or ban players, they are there to assist players and report issues to the GMs and R2s

                  5) there are other servers in place or being created in french, german, spanish etc...... they are hosted on seperate R2 games servers....

                  6) we have US east, US west, Europe and oceanic servers in this R2 site......but we will not force players to only play their time zones as it may not suit their real life activities......

                  while we appreciate the feedback..... I would suggest you learn more about R2 games, the system we use and the way things are run.....
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                    Originally posted by R2105660749
                    Thank you for responding, but i see what your saying but ill point something out to to clarify.

                    1)S53 doesn't have 100 active people, go in to the actual server and you'll see it. (despite being the one that comes from game dp and others) Not to call you a liar but the number is false and good event is 20-27 people. the server is dead/dying and even the players themselves know it. besides the extras being alts(which is a known fact to). they set us up as SEA and check the numbers of the dailies attendance(not just log on's). If there is 100 i could be wrong and ill admit , but see it and i do training most of the day.

                    2)we haven't had a vet on in 2-3 weeks and other players are having to help people learn. At game DP we had this authority and fixed the servers, it was just bad leadership that made it crumble. See all it is muting and dealing with things not handing out bans(this is the GM job). it keeps order as well. You should try to recruit and do the interviews, I put in an app and haven't heard back

                    3)Fix the "pay to win" system which creates a toxic situation, this part of the exodus issue. Though the "pay to win" thing precede your reputation any game you promote here. I'm not saying end just tweak it like this (use vouchers to pay for the items and events or turn them to diamonds)

                    4)If players reported the ToS violators it would help but that's where active help staff come to. 99% of the time players wont report stuff they solve their own issues. If nobody speaks up then you'll never know(this I agree with) and its true but if they feel that there isn't a place report it then they don't know how to. Banning a player for violating rules sure i'll believe you and give you benefit of the doubt(but its always the follow through, that I'm unsure one).

                    This isn't my first rodeo with R2 games i knew about you guys and have had friends work over here. I got fed up with a lack of action and things i've been seeing. I know alot more then I Let on and pardon me for saying "talk is cheap, walk the walk". But players see what said here but you need to follow through with actions.

                    I'm a quick learner and I don't intend to be mean or insult how things are run. I apologize if i come off blunt, but don't treat as if I'm stupid and don't know how things work. I only to suggested some things that might help you guys, but you take care
                    No, you don't know. You want to discuss this further you pm me. But you continue posting your falsehoods and accusations toward the R2game staff and you will not be allowed to post in the forums period.

                    This is your only warning, I suggest you heed it.
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