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  • Boss bug?

    Not sure its a bug or what, but weird is without question: how can a lvl 59 player, who in boss fight allways finish in 4-9 rank, depends how many high BR and lvl players in, blow the final hit on boss almost daily? (saying almost because I fight only evening boss, dunno the day one, but he kill boss like 3-4 times a week out of 7) Now seriously, there are 20-30+ players in boss fight, how come that only one is that lucky that can hit the final blow on boss and kill it every day? And we are not talking about top 5 players on server, we talking about a 600+k BR player. Statistics dont lie, and that is imposible unless there is a bug and some players using it without reporting it. Wont give any name, Im sure if devs are curious about it (I definitly am) can find out just checking boss fight in last 30 days on server 25.

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    its not a bug, its legit game play and a good understanding of character building and how to play the game
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      Guy probably just timed it since the HP values are shown during the event. But for them to have it nearly every time, they must be one hell of a lucky player.


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        nope happens often in my server, the top 3 get the last hit on boss, very rarely others land the last hit..
        they must be using strategy..


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          its simple
          When 'Nero has fallen' announcement is shown on world chat, the player stops AFK and waits on the steps for the bosses hp to reach a certain amount(1.5-2mil) then resumes AFK again
          this hp is the amount that the PLayer takes every turn and will therefore kill the boss everytime he manages to reach there before anybody does

          i do this everytime on s24 but there are others that know this too so its not that easy(i get about 5-7/11 boss kills a week [the remaining 3 times im not around so someone can get it])
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