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Please Help: Kong S1 Server Erased?

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  • Please Help: Kong S1 Server Erased?

    Can anyone please tell me what is going on with the S1 server on Kongregate? I have been trying to log in and play my game all day, but only get prompted to create a new character, rather than continue with the one I had.

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    Pea, here is the gist of it (this is Sheba btw):
    - After the update started, everyone got the problem you described. We get it because we are sent to Armorgame S1 server, not our server. Some people suspected a merge, but there has been no announcement of one and it was posted by a mod in a thread here that all merges would be after Christmas.
    - The update concluded over 12 hours ago. Ever since then, people have posted here, in the update announcement, sent PMs, filed tickets. No response up to now.
    - A few hours ago, Kong admins took over and promised to help. There is a thread in the SB kong forum called "Update playerbase wipe", everything is written there. We are supposed to email Kong with our usernames so that they know who's affected. There isn't much we can do by ourselves now anymore.
    - Yes, it's HB registration day and we lose the consecutive Christmas login and with that the Santa shards. It sucks. We all hope that ONLY the links were messed up and our server data is safe and we just get send elsewhere. If all is gone, though... all is gone. But the Kong people contacted the R2 people and now wait for their replies. We can only hope they get one soon.


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      Thank you Sheba. I filed a ticket earlier.