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HB complaint HOW is it fair S42 fighting agains S1

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    Respectfully noted. Still the same difference though. However, we run our HB as fair as possible. Maybe because players don't want to be frowned upon by the rest of the server population if they done such and spoil it for them. I don't know, but we sure don't have any Cliffords running around for the moment, or at least I haven't heard such across the world chat. This had gone well for the two months the server is active when it comes to HB. I am pretty sure other players have what they call a Kill on Sight/Plunder on Sight thing going when we get players leveling out of bounds. If they didn't manage to hit that one, I am sure they have a friend in that 'high' place who can do the job for them. But hey, I am not one to make the rules when it comes to that, and sure in the hell I would not be caught up in some list if I made a move that ticked others off, so I just play fair.


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      Everyone is playing fair, I'm sorry that some are losing. But you have the same opportunities to level sit or to level up. I will not allow anymore discussion on this. It's been done to death. The developers ruling is final.
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