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  • Achievement error

    I got already maxed guild skills, only recently got to finish almost all the achievements


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    Yeah I think it is a bug since guild skills can go up to level 10 (level 10 guild max) individually. Another topic of this was raised where we concluded that it should have been the combination of skills totaling the amount needed. Our estimate was at having all 5 skills at level 4 for the combined level 20 effect.


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      Is it because the time to complete the achievement has expired?


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        No, I think it's something to do with the fact it's not coded in correctly. Other "expired" items allowed us to collect the rewards but not the EXP (which is usually in the second box of the task).


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          the expired part only refers to the exp bonus that could be gained.... players can still access and complete the the quests.... the issue is not affected all accounts, it is affecting a very very limited number of accounts.... standard game play is not causing a issue so we are looking at other possible causes

          forwarding this case for review
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            I have the same problem...

            Click image for larger version

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              Yeah if you look closely, you will see the 10 in 10/20 which relates to the level of the current skill (which is maxed as guild max is lvl 10). I haven't reached there yet as I am working on getting a lvl 6 gem at the very moment which is a few tasks back before this one will surface on my end.