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problem upgrading gear

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  • problem upgrading gear

    I am unable to upgrade my blackwind staff to a wrathbane staff. I have the print and the elven ore but when I go to the forge it says I don't have the print. I was able to do it on my main character but not on the rest of my characters. I'm thinking this may be a glitch any help would be appreciated.

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    there are two prints, one is for mercs, one is for characters...... click on the print in your inventory, it will say Class:mage ( character print ) or Class:mercenary ( merc print )
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      Only the weapons there are four types: 3 for the main characters (mage, hunter, warrior), and 1 generic for the mercs. The armor and accessories can be equipped by anyone. As kit would have put it, you have to mouse over to see what the print is for.