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Facebook Bug Issue with Mini Player

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  • Facebook Bug Issue with Mini Player

    Click image for larger version

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    This image shows my current issue when I try to log in with Facebook with the Mini Viewer.

    EDIT :: I seemed to have fixed it some how. I don't know if it will make sense but I will try to explain. I went onto this forum and at the very top on the right hand side I went to settings, then scrolled down and clicked on Edit Email and Password to get me to this site. From there I logged out then on the log in screen I clicked Log In with Facebook and it brought up the same screen pictured above expected everything was fine. I allow it access and then go back to the Mini Player, start it up, and it works fine now. I'm not sure what the issue is but I might not be the only one having this problem.

    As for the issue I read of the browser constantly refreshing if you are trying to log into the Mini Player using Facebook; I too had this issue.
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    yeah we know about the issues with FB but thank you for posting how you fixed it
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      Ok the reason why I posted this thread was because an ingame Mod had asked me too and that the thread would be passed off to Kit. Which I guess is you *giggles* After that person went to go for RL, I somehow fixed it kinda so thats why I left the thread but edited it to show that current status.


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        Not working with me ._.


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          Mine is different..
          it redirects me to porn site..Click image for larger version

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            try this for IE.....


            Open a new Internet Explorer window.

            Click "Tools" and select "Internet Options".

            Click the "Advanced" tab.

            Click "Restore advanced settings."

            Click the "Reset" button next to "Reset Internet Explorer Settings." Click "Apply" to confirm your changes.

            then try using the mini client....
            Dragon Pals and Shadowbound Mod and Basic tech support

            R2 Serrin, My partner and fiancee, RIP 1971-2015
            Cha bhi fios aire math an tobair gus an trÃ*igh e.


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              How i fixed mine is, some people dont tick the *Stay online* button when login on facebook.

              All you have to do is open any of your browser>Go on facebook and log in and make sure you tick the option to stay online then try again, worked for me, doesn't mean it will work for everyone.
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                Hello!Please, help me! I can not let go mini-client!!! When I start site password is gone!Click image for larger version

Name:	ScreenHunter_02 May. 28 10.20.gif
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ID:	1713215 Have someone there is?


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                  i can't enter the game ...


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                    i have a problem here too with the miniloader, im pressing to log with my faceboock acc, as i ve created first time my acc here, and every time before i get to write anything it gives me "script error" and i cant log((
                    pls fix it !!!
                    if i try to make an acc it reply back that my mail is allready in use, i dont wanna create separate acc, for i dont want another char, just wann playwith my main, so i need damn mini to work!
                    also i want my reward from logging with mini loader.
                    forgot to say i am in S84


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                      i have same problem .. no have FB login to game

                      but i play using web page...
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                        have same problem


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                          okey for all who have this problem .. just follow this link :
                          and all its okey :-) My Mini client is work now perfectly


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                            That site doesn't work for me and is full of errors so no offence but it seems pretty sketchy. Thank you for trying to help but it didn't work for me.


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                              my mini client wnt work and i tried the above method, can log in on site, i am about done with this all no stability what so ever on this game