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ultimate skill + soul skill + clairvoyance talisman fail

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  • ultimate skill + soul skill + clairvoyance talisman fail

    After using an ultimate skill when having the clairvoyance talisman equipped, mana will go from 100 to 25. However, when the soul skill also activates, mana will then go all the way to 0. I would think that this is an oversight, and that the soul activation should not further drain mana.

    This may also be an issue with mercs who have skills that reset to 25 (Ororo, Triton), but I don't own any of them to test this out.

    It is possible that this will be viewed is an intended (or unintended) feature, rather than a bug. But the description of the soul does not say that it consumes mana. In the case of Ororo, Triton, or toon with clarvoyance, the soul activating may actually be weakening their attack and creating a disadvantage because the player can't wont get ultimate skill + bonus effects as often. And do not underestimate the value of the effects that go with the ultimate skill. With a merc like mange, the shield he gets is more important than the attack. With hunters, the increase in hit and crit that goes along with dragonfire is a big deal. I believe that the programmers meant the souls to be an advantage, rather than something that we may want to have turned off in some cases.