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PLZ FIX the 65 cata

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  • PLZ FIX the 65 cata

    Since 3 Wecks i am farming on it for 1 Card not 1 Card Droped .Fights to sometimes bugged . and dont say its becaus the browser i play whit client so its a problem at your side . And P.S: since 2-3 wecks not 1 card droped in thies dungeon on complet server so plz fix S11 .

    Other servers have the same Problem?

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    There are no current issues with the cards dropping anywhere. It's luck, or a lack thereof.
    I've been to many servers who have their complete sets in near every level of Catacombs. So that's not an issue.

    Good luck finding one on your future runs.


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      Well, not at lvl 65, but all previous runs as well. It's like Aotearoa had stated, it's all about luck. In my view, it's an SMD scale as it is an egg to the face and a hope shatterer. However, on the lag issue, we got that on our server as well where the catas were locked up for about a minute or two before giving us back control. Good luck bro.


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        No its bugged the the full server drops no more cards in thies cata . nothign to do whit luck wenn since 3 wecks not drop 1 card FOR FULLL SERVER not only my team :-(


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          I understand your frustration, but I can guarantee you it's not your full server, nor is it bugged. I'm sure luck will find its way to you eventually.
          And so you know; I've gone over 3 weeks for a single card drop at times. RNG between the many prizes in a 65 Cata can be amazing, or terrible.

          Luck is...luck.


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            No problems for me.
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