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What's the recommended VIP?

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  • What's the recommended VIP?

    Hi, I'm new to the game so I'm wondering what's the minimum recommended VIP to decently enjoy the game? And is there a list of how much we need to recharge for each VIP level? Much thanks.

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    There is a player made guide on the forum, and also post #6 in this thread may be of help

    We don't list prices so you can casually upgrade VIP if that's what you wish to do. Your VIP doesn't expire at the end of the month, and the benefits are quite good regardless of level. So ultimately it's up to you which rewards you'd like to reach, and how long it takes to reach the level.

    Hope this helped answer your question.


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      There isn't any recommended level. The higher you are the better you'll be. VIP 6 though I'd say is probably the most important to reach. Saves you A LOT of gold, and helps you to obtain maximum XP per day from loop quests.
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