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Bug - Event Pandora's Treasure

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  • Bug - Event Pandora's Treasure

    hello I was 12 pandora's lucky star of previous events and already could not use them. this day 13/01/2015 Pandora's Treasure event again. and getting the online collection more pandora's lucky star. but I can not use them in the event, this leads me to believe that some will bug the event. please look and correct. I thank you.

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    now I have 21 pandora's lucky star and I can not use the event


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      You know you need diamonds to initially open the chests, correct?


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        u need diamond to open pandora box......pandora lucky star only for change the rewrd....
        all about the money.....

        @aotearoa ; dont edit money to monkeys pls
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          Pandora Box is mainly for casher, since you need 90 diamond to open 3 chest.
          you only get 1 item (Shiny chest) from the 3 chest open.
          Lucky Star only use to change the item in either 1 of the chest, so do not mistake it as a free event.


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            in case I need to spend diamonds. but I remember that when I started playing shadownbound, the first time I did this event. only consumed padora's luck star. is now need to use diamonds?
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              It consumes 90 Diamonds to open the initial chests. You use the items you get for the online rewards to swap chest rewards for free (until they are gone), then it will cost diamonds for the swap.


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                zero gold.?

                Click image for larger version

Name:	pandora zero gold.png
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                I wanted to sell pandora lucky star,but it sells for zero gold.

                was it intended or a bug?
                Thank you to all cashers who have paid to run this game.
                So that i can play for free


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                  It's meant to be 0 gold.


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                    That means not only pandaora box- but also pandora lucky star is useless for me.

                    Thank you for quick reply.
                    Thank you to all cashers who have paid to run this game.
                    So that i can play for free


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                      this part of spending 90 diamonds I understand. just do not understand that when I started playing. remember we had this same event and I could open the chests using the items padora's lucky star. and I had no diamonds. it may happen that have changed the event.


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                        You're welcome. Have a good night!

                        Many things change with events. They may have had a ticket that helped open chests. I'm not quite sure of that one.
                        It also may have been a bug that was fixed.


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                          Click image for larger version

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