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Crazy Card Rewards

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  • Crazy Card Rewards

    Did any of you managed to receive the total ranking rewards?

    The card and gem rewards, not the pet potions.

    I did not receive mine yet and I remember last crazy card event, the rewards was sent immediately right after.

    Any idea when it will be sent? The event have already ended and more importantly the reward redemption is only one day.

    Can the GMs look into this matter? thks

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    Just checked on a server. They were awarded by mail there. Have you refreshed your browser? If so, could we get a screenshot of your placement.


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      R2 have replied me stating that a minimum of 30000 points are required for premium rewards.

      Well that is the catch of the event, good one R2.

      In my server only the first place player got beyond 30000 points since he rolled for Galactica. In other words he was the sole winner of the entire premium rewards which are x2 red jokers and x1 lvl 5 gem pack.

      No one could have ever won the 3rd place or below rewards in my server. Other server would be dependent on their players total point count. That is just how the catch is.

      I already have x4 red jokers, what I need are black jokers lol. It happened to me before that I spent more than 70000 points and not gotten x1 black joker card. If any of you drew the final chest (was it called legend chest?) you will know what I mean, the drop rate is very very low unlike the special 7 card. You probably will get at least x1 special 7 card from 10 draws.

      Well anyways, like any other business running company it is only natural, I fully understand.

      Keep up with the catching of fishes R2, very soon they will all be gone.


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        The rules are posted in the Event itself, near the bottom of the list. Here is a screen capture of it, showing you the requirements. You're welcome to go look for yourself.
        Hope this helps. I will be locking this thread now as the issue has been resolved.

        Thank you!
        Click image for larger version

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